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Safeguarding our customers' personal financial information is as much a part of our business as discovering and meeting financial needs. It always has been and always will be. We have a long tradition of respecting the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us because we believe that maintaining trust is an important aspect of why our customers do business with us. This literature has been developed to provide information on how we manage the information provided to us, and it outlines our policies for protecting your privacy.

How We Obtain the Information

We obtain information from four sources.

  1. Information provided to us on applications and through other means. This information might include assets, income, and debts.
  2. Information collected in the course of providing products and services.
  3. Information about our customers' transactions with us, our affiliates, or others.
  4. Information that is used to facilitate visits to our websites and emails.

We gather this information and use it only if we believe:

  • It is necessary or useful as part of our relationship with you.
  • It will serve your interests.
  • It will help us provide you with products and services.
  • It is required by law or regulation.

Sharing Information with the Alliance America Family

To make it easier to use our products and services, Alliance America occasionally shares information with its corporate family. As a result, customers may receive information from us about products that have value for them. This information could come directly from Alliance America Corporation, or from one of our affiliated companies or subsidiaries.

Information Required by Law

There may be state and federal laws that require us to disclose information to various government entities. In addition, if a customer is involved in a legal proceeding, the parties to the litigation have the right under state and federal law to obtain records and information from us. In all these instances, we will disclose the information whenever required to do so by law, regulation, lawful judicial or administrative process or court order.

Former Customers

We maintain information after an account is closed as required by law or standard business practices. Any information on former customers is subject to the same policies as current customer information.

Security Procedures

We have established security procedures and safeguards, in accordance with commercial standards, intended to prevent access to confidential customer information by unauthorized persons. We periodically upgrade and test these security procedures and safeguards.

Policies Governing Employee Access

We have procedures for limiting employee access to confidential customer information. Employee access to this information is limited to our employees who, because of their position or responsibilities, have a business reason to know or have access to such information. Our employees are informed of their responsibility to protect confidential information given to us. All our employees are contractually bound by our Code of Conduct, which addresses the importance of confidentiality and client privacy.


If you have questions about our privacy policy, please contact our Customer Services Department at 888-864-2542.