Why Alliance America?
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Why Alliance America?

Your relationship with Alliance America means more than just working with a single advisor. As an Alliance America client, you have the entire professional staff at Alliance America available to assist you with your retirement income planning.

We Focus On Your Goals

Alliance America has earned a reputation for its professionalism, excellence and delivering results. That’s because our core principles were developed with a strict focus on the client’s needs as a person. Our high standards ensure that our advisors act in your best interest. Our comprehensive and personalized planning process makes your retirement income and lifelong security our top priority. All Alliance America representatives – from the experienced advisor who meets with you in the comfort of your home to the helpful staff members at our home office – are dedicated to helping you achieve the retirement lifestyle you desire. Let Alliance America start helping you reach your retirement goals today.

Make the Right Choice

Selecting the right financial advisor with the proper focus is a key part of retirement planning. It’s a critical step in making sure your retirement is secure. Retirement savers need an adequate income that is reliable and safe. Meanwhile, they must consider many options for guidance in a vast world of financial planners, stockbrokers, insurance agents and Investment Advisor Representatives. Because Alliance America focuses on income planning rather than just gains, it is the right choice for retirement savers who are concerned with the most critical issue that confronts them – having adequate resources during their retirement years.

A Unique Planning Philosophy

Alliance America advisors know that service, quality and value are important considerations when developing a successful plan for your retirement years. What makes Alliance America different is our unique financial planning philosophy. Instead of focusing on growth or leaving a legacy, Alliance America has developed a philosophy of providing retirees with guaranteed sources of lifetime income. We leverage existing assets to ensure retirement goals are met while providing a quality rate of re- turn and minimizing market risk. Alliance America is committed to you and your goal of creating a comfortable and secure retirement.

The Best Advice Possible

Alliance America’s agents are registered as Investment Advisor Representatives. Unlike stockbrokers and other types of advisors who only have to suggest “suitable” investments, Investment Advisor Representatives are held to the higher fiduciary standard. As fiduciaries, they are legally required to give you advice that fits your specific needs and is in your best interest. As a fiduciary, an Investment Advisor Representative is bound by the principal of utmost good faith and must provide full and fair disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest. This means that when you partner with Alliance America, you can be confident you will receive retirement income planning that is individually tailored to be in your best interest.