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Retirement means living life for the long run as you fulfill your fundamental needs along the way. At Alliance America, we're dedicated to your overall well-being as your financial planning partner.


We need to pursue an active lifestyle with proper diet, exercise and psychological engagement that contributes to our physical and mental well-being.


We need protection, security and peace of mind in a world often threatened by social, political and environmental instability.


We need relationships, family, affection, trust and companionship to give us a purpose.


We need to feel unique, important, needed and productive in our work, homelife and social existence, especially as we grow older.


We need to expand our capacity, capability, creativity, understanding, sense of self and financial rewards as we progress through life and evolve as a person.


We need to help others as part of our own self-actualization and finding a purpose in life that is greater than us as individuals.


Your legacy is vastly more than an amount of money left to your surviving beneficiaries. Part your legacy can be the example of a life well-lived that’s achieved through proper planning.


Too many people enter retirement with burdensome mortgages, car payments and credit-card debt that they’ve amassed during their working years.


Taxes have a significant impact on your finances and can siphon assets unless you have a prudent approach to meet your objectives.


Sources of income – whether derived from investments, Social Security or ongoing employment – are pillars of a sustainable and successful financial plan.


When you reduce expenses, you can increase your income and decrease the risk of having inadequate financial resources during retirement.


Your assets require the attention of highly qualified financial professional to protect your personal interests when dealing with your financial future.