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Welcome to Alliance America

Life & Income Planning Redefined!

Alliance America is redefining the way we approach life and income planning. After all, being retired means more than living off your life savings. And financial planning is more than just having money. All the money in the world has little value unless our essential needs are fully addressed.

Is Your Financial Plan Meeting Life's Essential Needs (LENs)?

Over the past two centuries, experts have identified a core set of needs that motivates us in our quest for a fulfilled life. Every person has an individual path to take and unique priorities to meet these needs, making each and every retirement plan different. If Life's Essential Needs (LENs) are not met, financial stability alone won't provide the fulfilling retirement you've worked so hard to realize. Meeting LENs is an integral part of the retirement lifestyle planning process at Alliance America. We help people retire to something - not from something - and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle for the long term.

Financial Planning Should Address Life's Essential Needs

We need to pursue an active lifestyle with proper diet, exercise and psychological engagement that contributes to our physical and mental well-being.

We need protection, security and peace of mind in a world often threatened by social, political and environmental instability.

We need relationships, family, affection, trust and companionship to give us a purpose.

We need to feel unique, important, needed and productive in our work, homelife and social existence, especially as we grow older.

We need to expand our capacity, capability, creativity, understanding, sense of self and financial rewards as we progress through life and evolve as a person.

We need to help others as part of our own self-actualization and finding a purpose in life that is greater than us as individuals.

Your legacy is vastly more than an amount of money left to your surviving beneficiaries. Part your legacy can be the example of a life well-lived that’s achieved through proper planning.

Too many people enter retirement with burdensome mortgages, car payments and credit-card debt that they’ve amassed during their working years.

Taxes have a significant impact on your finances and can siphon assets unless you have a prudent approach to meet your objectives.

Sources of income – whether derived from investments, Social Security or ongoing employment – are pillars of a sustainable and successful financial plan.

When you reduce expenses, you can increase your income and decrease the risk of having inadequate financial resources during retirement.

Your assets require the attention of a fully qualified professional to provide for your needs in life.

Welcome to a Winning Team

Your relationship with Alliance America means more than just working with a single financial professional. As an Alliance America client, you have the entire professional staff at Alliance America available to assist you with your retirement income planning. Every Alliance America agent has a case manager who is a financial professional located in our home office. Case managers are focused on getting your plan in place as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many financial plans include multiple elements, companies and products. Your case manager's responsibilities include assisting you with the initial setup of your plan, application submissions, monitoring the progress of your plan's implementation and working with your agent to finalize your plan. Whether you are working on a 401(k) rollover or exchanging an annuity or a life insurance policy for a new product, your case manager is dedicated to assisting with the entire planning process and is readily available to answer your questions.

We Focus On Your Goals

Alliance America has earned a reputation for its professionalism, excellence and delivering results. That's because our core principles were developed with a strict focus on the client's needs as a person.

Make the Right Choice

Selecting the right financial professional with the proper focus is a key part of retirement planning. It's a critical step in making sure your retirement is secure. Retirement savers need an adequate income that is reliable and safe.

A Unique Planning Philosophy

Alliance America agents know that service, quality and value are important considerations when developing a successful plan for your retirement years. What makes Alliance America different is our unique life and retirement planning philosophy.