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We need to pursue an active lifestyle with proper diet, exercise and psychological engagement that contributes to our physical and mental well-being.

Good health and longevity are your most precious assets. But it requires an enduring investment of physical determination as well as dollars. Our lifestyle revolves around our health, so turning an arbitrary age doesn’t mean we need to stop being physically active and financially productive.

In fact, recent polls found that 60% of Americans over age 60 plan to remain busy and work part-time after they retire from a full-time career. When asked, 80% of retired respondents say they work because they want to. They venture into the workplace, start businesses, work from home, head to the office or simply are rewarded by volunteering.

An antidote to aging, these activities help them pursue a healthy lifestyle, supplement their income, reduce stress and stay engaged. Studies show that those who continue to work during their retirement-age years enjoy longer, healthier lives, experience less stress over finances and avoid loneliness and mental decline. If you play a lead role in your own wellness with a positive attitude, you can help protect your financial health from the cost of long-term care, which is the biggest monetary threat facing Americans.